Researching old maps reveals how the old Bangor Maine Central Railway yards matched the description the description of the Derry Rail Yards in ‘IT’ perfectly. Our field trip in 2015 found a house on Lincoln Street that matched the description of Neibolt Street and was right by the rail yards. There were only 3 homes on one side of the street dating back to prior to 1920. We think this one is a likely candidate. It was demolished sometime after our trip in May 2015.

There is another possible location for Neibolt Street further north on Railroad Street. It is at the end of the old Rail Yards, so that, and the name Railroad Street lend credence to it being another possible location of Neibolt Street. Unfortunately there are no houses there today, so more research is needed.

The Rail Yards come to life when we overlay the old maps onto current. It is amazing that you can still see a visible mark where part of the old locomotive roundhouse used to be.

Drag L-R to see BEFORE & AFTER

Before Image After Image

Derry Rail Yard

The Derry (Bangor) Rail Yards


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