Stephen King once said that Pet Sematary was the only novel he had written that really scared him.

We travel with Stu Tinker of SK Tours to Orrington, Maine to find out why.

When you find out what the real-life inspiration was for the story, you will understand why King was so scared.

Stu Tinker of SK Tours in Bangor, Maine explains the real-life inspiration for Stephen King’s Pet Sematary.

Stu Tinker of SK Tours of Bangor, Maine takes us to the house in Orrington, Maine that Stephen & Tabitha King rented for a while. Behind this house was the real Pet Sematary.

On the way to see the house in Orrington, I found this market which is an obvious inspiration for Richie Tozier from ‘IT’. Inspiration can be found in the most interesting places.



A view of the actual house that Stephen & Tabitha King rented in Orrington:

King’s daughter Naomi’s cat Smuckey was killed on the road, as were many other pets, hence the reason why there was a Pet Sematary in the woods behind the house.

This is where toddler Owen ran out into the road and was almost killed by a truck, inspiring the story Pet Sematary:


This is the real-life location that inspired Pet Sematary. The movie was filmed in Hancock, Maine and we also visited that location. Check it out here: Pet Sematary – Filming Location