I found Lisbon Falls, Maine to be almost exactly as I imagined it. That is a testament to King’s ability to describe the places in his stories.

The Worumbo Mill loomed large and appropriately creepily over the town.

(Note: We made it just in time, as the mill was demolished in June 2016.)


Stephen King worked for a time at the mill, which was a real-life inspiration for Graveyard Shift and more recently 11-22-63.

In fact the Diner in 11-22-63 where the time portal was would have been located just to left of the Moxie Store in this photo (Behind the railway signals):


It was here that we met Frank Annicetti, the owner of the Kennebec Fruit Company Store, more commonly known as the ‘Moxie Store’.


Kennebec Fruit Company aka ‘The Moxie Store’


Frank was gracious enough to spend time with us, telling us his personal experiences with Stephen King, who waited at the Moxie Store every day for a taxi to take him home to Durham from Lisbon Falls when he was attending Lisbon High School.

Frank confirmed for us that many of the characters in King’s stories were in fact based on real people, and they were local people that Frank knew, like Carrie and her mother, the hoods from Stand By Me, and more.

The most interesting stories he told us were his personal experience when a body was found on the railway tracks just across the street from the store, near the Worumbo Mill, and that the real people that the hoodlums were based on in Stand By Me were in fact true to their character in real life.

The proprietor of the Moxie Store (Kennebec Fruit Company) in Lisbon Falls, Maine, Frank Annicetti explains the real-life inspiration for Stephen King’s ‘The Body/Stand by Me’.

The actual location of the body found on the tracks as told to us by Frank Annicetti:


There IS a local diner in Lisbon Falls, which claims to be the inspiration for the Diner in 11-22-63:


Dr. Mike’s Madness Cafe, where we had a great lunch and I DID go to the back to try to find the time portal.


Could it really be?