The Falcon Bar in “IT” is one of the places that is very real.

The inspiration for it is the Main Tavern in Bangor, at the corner of Main Street & Union Street.


While today, there is no visible evidence, only a few years ago the Greyhound Bus Station office next door confirmed how exact the description of the Falcon Bar really is.


We visited the Main Tavern several times in May 2015, and found it to be very much like the description in this article: http://thedevilsreview.com/?p=881

Our experience when we told some local people in Bangor that we had frequented the Main Tavern was eerily similar to the description in the article:

“The Main Tavern occupies an especial place in the hierarchy of Bangor’s bars. It is NOT for the respectable doctors, lawyers and old Yankee families in their Greek Revival and Italianate mansions on West Broadway. Nor is it for the teachers, nurses and shopkeepers who make up the town’s middle classes. The college kids from the University of Maine at Orono avoid it and even fisherman flush with cash on payday will not drink there. People speak of it in judgmental tones and being seen entering it will damage one’s reputation. Mothers when walking down Main Street will cross to the other side and pull their children along; presumably to escape its harmful vapors. It’s seen as a ‘bad’ place and potentially quite dangerous.

Needless to say, I love it.”  

– from Great Dive Bars of New England #2: The Main Tavern BY PETER SAYLES

We loved it too.

Yes, it was as described almost exactly, and yes, it has a reputation for being a place where ‘respectable’ people avoid, but it was the place where we found the heart of Bangor. We found real people and an atmosphere of an odd kind of outcast camaradie, a place where after being there for a few days, we felt accepted and included.


Although the Bus Station is gone, the rear parking area is virtually unchanged, and one can easily imagine a ‘hound’ stopping at the back to discharge passengers, up the ramp and into the Bus Station and/or The Falcon… I mean the Main Tavern.

FalconBarRear2 FalconBarRear1